Golf Guides Zone – How to Fix Golf Slice Shots Fast

I know that you sometimes you wish that there was anti-slicing golf swing software which you could install that is guaranteed to straighten the worst golf slice you could ever hit? Well, I haven’t invented the golf swing software yet, but I do have Golf guides zone an easy anti-slicing golf swing system that will help straighten the most vicious slice shot that you have.

Golf guides zone

I will explain to you in this article the step by step procedure that you need to fix golf slice shots quick in Golf guides zone, which will help improve your golf confidence and lower golf scores. But first, I want to explain a couple of easy to understand concepts which will get us off on the right start.

Concept 1 – There’s no straight line in a golf swing

I once read in a golf instruction book where they suggested that one should move the golf club in a straight line in the direction of the target for an extended period after you struck the golf ball. If you’ve ever read this, or believe this, then you have to rethink this one. If you swing the golf club in the direction of the target after your golf ball has left from the club face you’ll likely hit the ground behind the ball, greatly reducing the distance of your shot, and also hit your shots with a big slice.

The golf club moves in an arc path, and your duty is to ensure that it remains so. Any attempt to straighten the golf club heads course leads to failure. Golf clubs don’t act like crochet mallets, where the aim is to swing it back and forward in a straight line.

Concept 2 – Make sure you keep your head still as you take the shot

I know probably you have been told more than once to keep your head down, and also still, so you can take a good golf shot. Rotate your head freely with your shoulders and arms and this will ease the excessive tension in your neck and shoulders that leads to slicing swings, and a great chance of an injury to your shoulders, neck or back.

The proper right shoulder angle to fix golf slice shots

Ok, now we are going to do just 3 things that will help ease your slice shot curvature by at least half. The first is to ensure that in the address position your right shoulder is lower and behind your left shoulder.

Your right shoulder has a very big responsibility in the back swing and down swing by giving your arms and hands with their direction. Tilt your right shoulder a lot lower than your left so that your shoulders can turn on a flatter arc on the back swing. Your shoulders and feet will be pointing to the right of your target angle in the address position. This will aid you in turning a little more on the back swing and also slow down their acceleration in the down swing so that your arms and hands can catch up to your shoulders a little earlier.

Golf guides zone correct grip to fix golf slice shots

When you hold the golf grip with your hand you need to place them more clockwise on the grip. Make sure that the thumb of your left hand is placed on the side of the handle at about 2 o’clock so that the back of your hand is facing upwards towards the sky and not towards the target. When you place your right hand on the golf grip fit your right hand over your left hand thumb and ensure that it is predominantly held in the lower joints of the fingers of the right hand.

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