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What is a Bandwidth?

To get you understand the problem let me clarify Because it can mean a things in general, what is bandwidth.

bandwidth limit

  1. Bandwidth might be a limit on the rate Download / Upload data information speed (speed ) your website can be accessed with.


Information is moved in computer terms in Bytes / Kilobytes / Megabytes / Gigabytes and Terrabytes.


  1. A) High Download rate limit is needed if your If your site has a lot of documents website has to be fast in downloading files, that is the case and its own own users often download from it.


B ) Your upload rate needs to be high if your website gets a Lot of visitors of Upload type (e.g. many men and women are uploading info to your site ) — an illustration for high Upload need website is for example Google Drive service that’s configured to receive information with a very large Upload limitation.


C ) Bandwidth term may stand about the amount Of data transferred at a certain period of time (lets say your Hosting Providers may make it possible for you to Download / Upload 10 Gigabytes daily a day hiring a Bandwidth amount is common especially at the time of Cloud computing we are entering recently, where it is common for a Web Hosting user to employ assign for a specific bandwidth resource based on its requirements.


When you have a sudden, bandwidth is common Increase in amount of down / up information traffic your website experiences because of enhanced reachability from Organic Searches in Search Engines or as an important link to your website provided (software product) is becoming Viral online being posted on some huge group on Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest etc..


Top visitors’ increased amount website registration Upload / download (data share) might push your site to attain the bandwidth capability (lets say 500 Gigabytes a month) and your hosting provider automated shaper may start showing up your customers the bothersome 509 web server error code.


  1. Option to Bandwidth Limit Exceeded mistake


You’ve got your hosting (max amount of data that can Be moved ) and because the Restricted access to your site could damage severely your internet presence the problem needs to be solved in a shortest period potential as every second and minute of downtime to your site might destroy your site reputation both for Search Engines (site SEO) and for end users that take advantage of your site content information, that’s especially certain if your site is unreacable on account of this mistake for 1 or 2 hours. If the inaccessibility to website continues for too long (lets say a week) without being monitored that may even make some of the pages or the whole site being momentary delisted from Search Engines, thus the issue has to be solved in a matter of minutes to hours…


To do this just use your Web Hosting provider account provided Management interface and do cover a Hosting plan update that switches you to Unlimited Bandwidth hosting program (if this is existing from HP) or better change your accounts plan to Infinite Profile Account (in which you’ll receive infinite amount of disk space, CPU time and bandwidth.


Shared hosting plans on Amazon Web Services, OVH, Hostgator, had shared hosting plans that offer unmettered (unlmited) bandwidth of course that infinite isn’t really infinite, it just means the constraints of maximum bandwidth traffic tube you get is so large it is mostly unlikely you will ever reach it anyhow if you are not operating in innovation Video sharing service that is to be an immediate concurrency to websites like or even Vimeo. Most of websites match a traffic limitation over some 100Gb to half a Terabyte monthly and never nevertheless are of mid-sized or little scales.


For users hiring a VPS server Rather than Data net that is simple Hosting control panel like cPanel, ISPManager, Kloxo Virtual Min etc. there Is a way to dynamically choose the specific number Your site to have (according to your fast website scaling research).