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Digital Marketing strategies for real estate

Digital channels have become important for human communication, and increasingly stronger. Marketing and sales techniques have long since adapted to the online environment, and in all industries there are success stories that demonstrate the potential. And definitely highlight Digital Marketing strategies for the real estate sector .

In 2017, the National Association of Real Estate Agents in the United States, through a report, indicated that 44% of buyers researched online properties that were for sale.

In LATAM online users also use the Internet to get homes for sale. For example, an article published by Viva Ads , said that 5% of users in Mexico use the Internet to search for housing, Viva Ads, for example, has 7.1 million unique visits per month.

In Argentina that number rises to 20% and in Colombia it drops, to maintain an average of only 12% .

That is, as we go to the Internet for a pizza or to check the schedules of a movie in the cinema, so we do when we want to buy a home.

So the real estate sector could not miss the benefits of Digital Marketing to start experiencing the increase in sales and profitability of the business by adequate investment of the budget and online resources.

That is why today we will explain some of the Digital Marketing strategies for the real estate sector that you should consider and take advantage of to start taking your own space in this important market.

Potential of Digital Marketing in the Real Estate sector

Digital Marketing has an extensive list of benefits to be used, and if we have to make a kind of comparison between traditional and digital marketing, the latter wins to spare and puts itself at an advantage.

Digital Marketing strategies for real estate help you save time and money

The Marketing Digital and real estate make a good team and that might not know, especially when you learn to use formats to motivate sales business. We talk specifically about the video.

You may have read it before, but it is necessary to repeat it now: content is the best way to reach potential clients, and video content for the real estate sector means two very important things: saving time and money .

Creating digital materials that allow you to appreciate the property in a realistic way, saves you dozens of meetings with potential clients who want to see the property, and that at the end of the day, stay that way, only potential clients.

You lose a lot of time, and you lose money on hiring agents to make visits to the real estate.

But with the audiovisual material strategically applied under a marketing plan guided to obtain results, all the cost of time and money is reduced, only to attract the clients who are more interested in buying the property in targeted areas such as properties in real estate Pakistan.

Digital Marketing drives brand exposure

The use of video as part of a Digital Marketing strategy is only a small part of what it means to market with digital resources. Behind the scenes they have a lot of tools that will allow you to expose yourself properly. Some of them can be:

  1. Content based on Keyword Research: To know correctly what terms the target market you are targeting is using.
  2. SEM campaigns: To direct qualified traffic with purchase intent to the real estate business website.
  3. Social Networks: To be even closer to the potential client and promote real and fast conversation.
  4. SEO: To start exercising strategies that help you scale up the search results organically.
  5. Email Marketing: To allow delivery of content that facilitates the passage of potential customers through the sales funnel to convert them.
  6. Anal í tica Web: Because it’s the best way to customize the next actions intended to reduce costs with highly targeted messages.

Thus we could mention a much longer list of the realities offered by Digital Marketing for the Real Estate sector.

The idea is that you can see that with the strategies applied from the digital tools you have the opportunity to achieve better results at a lower cost than traditionally established.

Digital Marketing promotes the reputation of the company

Applying active listening from the channels provided by Digital Marketing and following the results of the strategies already applied, you can know how your actions have been and how it has influenced the market you are targeting.

For example, there are many tools that help you know what they are talking about on social platforms. Are they positive comments? Negatives? What do customers think of your real estate business?

Anyway, any doubt you have about your business, you can clarify it with the monitoring and tracking tools. And as a natural consequence of the information you have obtained, you can improve the actions in the future.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

So, depending on what you want to achieve and how the target market you are targeting behaves, you can consider these options:

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that has come to break with all the parameters suggested by the old school market, and although it has little time being applied (compared to traditional marketing) it is a methodology that is giving positive results.

And in fact in LATAM we are using 72% of organizations according to the latest Inbound Marketing Status published by Hubspot

So it is important to consider this sales methodology as a very important and influential pillar when generating qualified prospects during the conquest process, but how to do it? What does inbound Marketing mean?

“Moving” to the Inbound methodology is a process through which our marketing and sales philosophy must change, that is, we must generate filters that allow us to look and conceptualize the potential client in the same way.

In addition to designing the channels that will allow us to reach even more natural to our potential customers. That means, for example, you have to:

  1. Unify the Marketing and Sales criteria for a better deal of potential customers to guide them to purchase.
  2. Secondly, you have to know absolutely everything about our potentials and customers and to do so, you have to get rid of the typical research of the target audience and start to know more profound and personal details under the Buyer People format(then we explain why) .
  3. Thirdly, you have to make an effort to know the purchase process that your potential customer goes through. In Inbound Marketing we prefer to tell Buyer Journey
  4. You also have to design the sales process, or sales funnel to start executing strategies that allow you to naturally attract, convert and sell to potential customers.

Making Inbound Marketing merits a change in our traditional sales techniques and stop last, what we have always done first: sell.

That is, we must strive to apply actions that allow us to approach the target audience naturally, so that they are the ones who decide to look for us, and not us for them. In this way, contact with potential customers who are really determined to buy increases. Content Marketing

The Content Marketing is another cornerstone when we decided to start using digital marketing strategies for real estate, is that as well as indicating the Inbound philosophy, it is necessary to reach potential customers through mechanisms that bring you to him, so natural.

How does the content get into all this? Well, it is more than confirmed that all online users go to the Internet to investigate the products or services they plan to buy in the near future.

In the real estate sector it is no different, because in fact, the statistics shown at the beginning of the article confirm this.

So, many of those who begin to investigate, do so because they are aware that they want a property (rent office, local, buy a house in Park View City or generally, car, etc.) but they have no idea how to do it, and to know it they are looking for and Cons about the companies you have in mind to choose from.

In short, they are in a search process where they need guidance and gather all the necessary elements to help them make a purchase decision.

Then, in all existing ways, you have the opportunity to approach it without having to show your services directly, and this is where the Inbound philosophy comes into play.
With the creation of content aimed at your ideal client in a strategic way, you have the opportunity to conquer it , because you build the content that he is just looking for to guide your purchase process.

Either you decide to use it in video format as we had already mentioned, or in text, the success stories are great to expose the preparation that as an agent or real estate manager you have to cover the demands, needs and problems of the potential customers or leads .

The content that resolves doubts and shows the way to learn something new are also of benefit, the “how to” type have a greater search in the engines. For example:

  1. How to prepare your home for sale.
  2. How to make investments in a property to increase its value and sell faster.
  3. Tips to buy a cheap property to remodel.

That is, you have a sea of ​​possibilities to reach your ideal client through the content, you just have to identify, which are the topics that arouse most interest within your Buyer Persona and build the content that best suits your concerns.

That way you would be approaching him, without even showing interest in selling something, for now.

Video Marketing

We have already spoken to you about video marketing, as a pillar of Content Marketing, it is one of the formats with the highest penetration among consumers.

The video, due to its essence and characteristics, is the format that we are all preferring, just have to review some statistics shared by WordStream recently:

  1. 87% of sellers l í line is to n using the video. And that includes Digital Marketing strategies for the real estate sector.
  2. 45% of people watch more than an hour of videos on YouTube and Facebook.
  3. 82% of users on Twitter see content on the platform.

That is to say, you have everything to gain at the moment at the moment in which you decide to use the video and promote them through social platforms. Because as these numbers indicate, online users like to consume the format through Social Networks.

With this video you can start learning to record videos of the properties as part of your Digital Marketing strategy for the Real Estate sector:


The video is magnificent because as the real estate agent says in the audiovisual material, you can say the same to hundreds of people simultaneously and save you the time to meet them in person and thus increase the chances of meeting soon with who has real intentions to buy the property

No matter how you decide to use it as part of your Digital Marketing strategy for the real estate sector, the really relevant thing is that you can give a sense of usefulness to your material, that is, does the content really add value to the customer? Not only that, are you really helping to optimize your passage through the sales funnel?

Because while it is true that our content must be guided to provide valuable material, it is also true that adding all the points, this should help you attract that potential customer.

And it is a question that you should ask not only with audiovisual material, but also for the rest of your actions in Content Marketing .

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is another important part of Digital Marketing strategies for the real estate sector, especially when they are in full growth, because the data processing becomes more demanding.

That is, it is likely that it has started with a small “attack” plan, but despite being small, it is giving you results and you are beginning to see a growth in your real estate business.

At that point, everything becomes a little more complicated, happy on the one hand because the plan is going well, but how prepared are you to meet that growth?

Marketing Automation is perfect because it allows you to generate personalized experiences for your potential customers while taking every step within your sales process or sales funnel, which is great because it means that you would be delivering content and marketing actions based on the behavior of your potential customers quickly and efficiently

The real estate business requires several processes to finish a negotiation in which both win, that means that the time to finish conquering the client can take a while.

Until that happens, marketing automation, it is a valuable resource to keep the lead nourished while you are reminded that we are to help just at the time when é l, so decides .

Automate marketing actions will help you, for example, to:

  1. Nurture your leads: That means that once an anonymous visitor has become a lead, through online forms, you can send content similar to the one that interacts on your website to your inbox and thus offer valuable material in a personalized way .
  2. Rate the leads: As the lead records interaction with your messages, you can discard it to pass it to sales, or on the contrary, if the score indicates it, pass it to sales to try to close a deal and sell a property.

So the sales process for the real estate sector is much simpler when these types of marketing strategies are used , because the action of attracting and nurturing potential clients is done automatically.

Do you remember that we mentioned it at the beginning? Well, as you should know, the whole process through which you must go to implement Inbound Marketing, content production, Buyer Journey construction and sales funnel, is a process that for some can be slow.

And while the implementation is going well, paid ads can be part of the Digital Marketing strategies for the real estate sector to start attracting visitors who have purchase intentions.

What you should keep in mind when implementing it as Digital Marketing strategies for the real estate sector, are 3 important key points:

  1. Orientation: That means you can show your paid ads using demographic data, that is. Suppose you want to show your ads only to those in the metropolitan region, beyond the capital, nobody else will see your ad, or only those who understand an age range or a sex.
  2. Campaign objectives: It is possible that by implementing the Inbound Marketing methodology, your objective now is not direct sales but the generation of qualified leads, or to make the business known.
  3. The format or form of the ad: After everything we’ve talked about the video, will you want to exploit the benefits of the video? Or you prefer carousel ads.

Always consider the orientation of the ad, because if you show the ad to the wrong segment, it means that you will lose the money invested, if it has been a lot, that will greatly affect the ROI of all your Digital Marketing strategies for the real estate sector.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality is giving what to talk about today, there are already several examples of augmented reality applied to different sectors of online commerce, and of course, the real estate sector can take advantage of them, for an incredible customer experience issue.

The real estate sector is not perfect and in fact, when it comes to displaying the catalog of properties, some inconveniences usually arise, for example:

  1. The descriptions in text about the characteristics of the properties may fall shortand in some cases, say nothing important, when in reality the property has potential.
  2. Visiting in company with clients, the properties, is an activity that merits time, time that perhaps some agents do not have.
  3. 3D prints can obviate amazing details of the property.

But augmented reality can be a good filter for those really interested and end all these inconveniences, while at the same time you are trending with Digital Marketing strategies for the most convenient real estate sector to give the ideal client an incredible experience.

The experience factor greatly influences the purchase decisions of a good market segment, not to say at all.

The experiences become something memorable, with a feeling of repeating and that, believe us, is conducive to the business.


As you see the Digital Marketing strategies for the real estate sector are multiple, you can, we do not lie when we affirm that the resources of the online environment are perfect to make us notice and grow at the same time. It is only a matter of time and practice for you to master these resources as an expert.

Of course, you should think about applying these Digital Marketing strategies to the real estate sector sooner rather than later, because remember that competition is at odds, more and more companies in this sector understand well and adopt it to execute it day after day.