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How to create a free real estate listing of a home + a property listing or model of technical listing + a customer listing

Are you one of those who simply include the images of the houses in your real estate file? Creativity plays a crucial role in creating an original housing list, capable of differentiating your business from that of the competition.

You must be the first to attract the attention of the visitor, because on the Internet, all agencies are the same once the potential clients reach the real estate website . No matter the size of the house for sale in Islamabad, what is really crucial is how you are able to attract people and overcome the competition.

“You cannot put a home in the online market and wait for them to make applications simply because you know that there are people looking for such houses. You have to get those people to react in some way by seeing your specific ad, ”says Guy Hoevenaars, of Ray White in Rye, according to the Australian publication Agent Marketing Center.

How to make a real estate listing of a house to surprise?

Park View City is a Pakistani real estate agency, also known as Real Estate Rye, founded in 1902. Today it is a  profitable real estate business   and can boast a prize behind it for its original way of selling.

Although it is a family business, it has received numerous awards for its dedication to support and continuous training of its staff. But their greatest achievement was achieved when they applied the originality that characterizes them to their website, and specifically, to their list of original homes for sale and rent.

How to differentiate yourself from the competition almost by chance?

Guy Hoevennars wanted to make a special mention to a house that he wanted the first one to sell, and he wanted to highlight it. However it was a very complicated property to promote, but I knew that somehow I had to attract the eyes. So when he made the real estate file of the property, he decided to write as an outstanding phrase “This house is a garbage . 

And really, it was. But his reflection was “why lie trying to highlight the positive?” What most interested in the first instance was to attract the potential buyer. Although at first he almost regretted having published that phrase that could have generated the opposite effect, he soon began to have the expected success.

Of course, before launching this idea, Guy explained his strategy in detail to the homeowners, and these, once rethinking about the possible benefits, decided to launch themselves to try their luck.

This property, with this striking phrase was posted not only on the list of homes on its website, but on Facebook and YouTube, with their corresponding images and videos. And this was mainly the channel that attracted more visitors and potential buyers. All the visits that the agency had asking about that house had seen the video on YouTube.

And they managed to sell the property much sooner than they expected. So they decided to apply this technique to the rest of the properties. Maybe not with such exaggeratedly sincere phrases, but they are bright enough like these:

  • Do you want to start your new Adventure?
  • A house that is flooded with a lot of character (an allegory close to the beach)

Undoubtedly, choosing alternatives to “2 bedroom apartment in Málaga Centro” may be essential when fighting the battle properly in the huge world of Internet… don’t you think?

Property file:  Model of real estate data sheet

The description of a home as we have said before is vital for the sale. In the following image you will see an example of a real estate listing, it is a template of a model of real estate listing

Model of client file for real estate

Have you made any real estate file of a house like those proposed by our friend Guy ?. How do you do it on your real estate website to stand out from your competition? Leave us your comments.

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