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Comparison and buying guide for the best Bluetooth speakers

Listening to music with headphones or earphones is good, but sharing is far from ideal!


In recent years, wireless speakers have massively arrived in France and their success is clearly evident. Often compact, they slip easily into a bag (see in a pocket) and allow you to stream your music without any cables from your smartphone or tablet. From a small twenty to several hundred, we find today all kinds. We take stock.


To boost the sound performance of your TV

Tests and comparisons of sound bars and sound platforms

It’s no secret that our TV screens are a little thinner every year … at the expense of their built-in speakers!

Under these conditions, it is difficult to really enjoy your favorite films and series. Obviously, there is always the solution of 5.1 surround kits, but the prices are still high, and the installation often very complex. The sound bars solve this problem by simply sliding in front of or under your TV. Affordable and efficient, they offer much more convincing sound performance than current flat screens.


Which wireless speaker to choose?

senso bluetooth headphones pairing speakers are available in all styles, from miniature models that can fit in the palm of your hand to much larger models, capable of hosting a big evening with friends.


Miniature speakers

These models are often the simplest, but also the most impressive. Surprisingly compact, they allow you to significantly increase the volume of your music streamed from your smartphone, while drastically improving the sound rendering. Can slip into a pocket, they are capable of soundproofing a room and have an autonomy of several hours. Another good point, they are designed to resist shocks.


Portable Bluetooth speakers

A little more imposing, these speakers are also cut for all situations. They offer very good sound performance, an autonomy that can exceed 10 hours and are capable of sounding medium and large rooms. Clearly, this is ideal if you want to share your music with your friends by the pool or during an evening by the fireplace.

What format for my soundbar?

The sound bars are designed to fit easily into your TV cabinet, and most models can be hung directly on a wall. There are, however, two main families, namely classic sound bars, and sound plates.


Classic sound bars

They come in the form of straight or slightly curved bars, and generally opt for a relatively sober and discreet design. There are more or less long and thin models, to adapt to the furniture and TV of all users. When choosing, make sure that the bar does not hide part of your screen. The sound bars can be accompanied by a sub-woofer, offering a significant gain on the side of low frequencies.


The sound plates

Unlike traditional bars, the sound plates are more imposing and are placed directly under your TV. They then become a base for it, and it is therefore essential to ensure that the size of its screen is compatible with the tray. These products have the advantage of offering more space than the sound bars for the integration of the speakers, and in practice offer better performance in terms of bass.