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Two headset comparison tables to help you choose

I excluded the headphones to select only wired and wireless headphones. Two headset comparison tables were produced: a headset comparison for mobile users and a headset comparison for those who want quality listening at home.

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Headset comparison table for mobile users

Although the Beats By Dr Dre headphones have many positive comments, it is not part of my selection because it seems to me that the value for money is not as good as on other products. The sound quality is there according to many users and the design is very worked. Indeed, by “imposing” its products in Lady Gaga clips or by offering its helmets to high-level athletes, the company Beats By Dr Dre has managed to develop its brand image and create a trendy product.


And for the same price we can have a Sennheiser HD598 and for me there is no photo between the two headsets.


Headset comparison table for home use



A few words of introduction

For more than four years now, has been offering you full and colorful tests of the latest audio news for the general public. Basically only focused on headsets (hence the name), the site quickly developed by adding presentations of headphones, Bluetooth speakers or sound bars.


All the products presented on have really passed through our hands. To do so, many brands trust us by sending us their latest new products for defined periods, while other products are directly ordered by us.


The products are then tested by our team to provide you with the most complete impressions possible. Comfort, functionality, durability, performance … everything goes! A general rating is assigned to each product, and if it is a favorite it directly integrates one of our many selections.



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AudioCasque mainly specializes in four product categories: headsets (wired and wireless), headphones, Bluetooth speakers and finally sound bars. If you want to learn more and discover in a few words the main characteristics of these large families, do not hesitate to take a look at the information below.


To listen to your music in all situations

How to choose your headphones and what are the best products?

In the world of headphones, there are hundreds of models today, meeting all tastes but also all user expectations.

The problem is that it quickly becomes difficult to navigate among the many references available! senso bluetooth headphones pairing connection, active noise reduction, memory foam pads or even with a dedicated mobile application … The manufacturers have no shortage of imagination. We take stock.


How to choose your headphones?

What format for my headphones?


Discreet and compact, they slip into a pocket

Earphones and in-ear tests and comparisons

Much lighter and easier to transport, the headphones are also very successful and adapt better to certain situations than portable headsets.

Today, everyone has at least one pair lying around in a drawer, very basic models are generally delivered with smartphones and other MP3 players. Obviously, there are also much more efficient and comfortable products, it is still necessary to find mouthpiece in his ear!