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Senso ActivBuds S-250 waterproof Bluetooth headphones

Overview: senso bluetooth headphones review Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones (Hands-free and On the Go Tunes)

senso bluetooth headphones review

I am a huge fan of audio media. Podcasts, songs, and audiobooks Are my sources of outdoor entertainment. The positive portion of loving this medium is I am I can listen to my own choices. Which I do. I really like distractions.

An issue I ran into was my main headphones Were somewhat bulky for if I’d go for a bike ride or walk somewhere, plus the cord was a little ordeal. Ever had your cans become snagged on a doorknob? It’s one of the worst feelings in the world.

I had been frustrated on a Day wherein my cans fell off and into a puddle on the side of the street. They survived, but were who would like to wear headphones that were soggy and soggy? I wasn’t too mad about my clothes being wet because I had a dispatch coming in from Stitch Repair , but on the way home I saw a jogger with a pair of wireless headphones in. I instantly became incredibly envious and pulled open Amazon once I made it to my pc .

Reviews Seemed great, they were in my budget, plus they claimed that which I was looking for in on-the-go headphones.

Following a couple of days of waiting and mailman stalking they arrived.
The Headphones

They are essentially earbuds for that go around your with clips Ears attached and one cord that keeps them together. Frankly, despite that description, they’re quite attractive looking. I’m a huge fan of the color scheme, red and black, and they are not noticeable but seen easily enough that others are aware that you do have anything covering your ears.

The comfort level on these was impressive. They fit quite well That they don’t pinch or anything like that, and after a while you barely notice them. Get fatigue from getting headphones or earbuds in too long? I have not from those. That’s a huge positive in my book.

Besides that, it has a wonderful battery life. I’ve had them Continue for approximately 8-9 hours and they just take about 2 hours to fully charge out of my experience. Not too bad. Just be certain to charge them if you’re active daily and you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

Build quality seems great on them. I wouldn’t enjoy run them over With a car or something, but they will endure plenty of drops and so on. The clips don’t feel flimsy, and just like I stated quite comfortable.

One last note, you can take calls on these as well. It’s a Built in microphone and a button to answer calls onto the clips. I was not planning on using this feature but I discovered it really fairly helpful. I’m one of those individuals with hands-free headsets walking later on. Younger me would have been amazed.
Audio Quality

I’ll say I was not disappointed at those guys’ sound. However, There’s that tradeoff you are making when swapping from high quality over-the-ear headphones to what are essentially earbuds. They seem good. Just not like other types of headphones. Not a big deal.

I was definitely surprised by the bass , however. The levels are Deep without distorting and kept a great crisp audio even. Cool! I was not expecting that at all, I guessed the sound would only be passable. However, it turned out better than I hoped.

About was clarity and volume. I analyzed this Using a podcast I listen to often, and I was happy to find out I had no trouble understanding the most quiet moments. Not crystal than any earbuds I have ever used.

Calls sound good as well. Really better than the Speaker on my telephone, which has induced me to swap to these for important calls.

The noise canceling is a characteristic they market for these headphones. I didn’t really notice any noise canceling compared to my true noise canceling headphones. Not a huge ordeal. But, if you’re going into these only for that feature I would look elsewhere.

I was pleasantly surprised at pretty much every aspect of the Sound quality of these headphones.