Starcraft Cheats for PC

Here you will find all the tricks that exist for qnnit and its Brood War expansion, also valid for the free version of the game.

Writing ·16:32 6/1/2017

All the tricks and keys

In Starcraft and its boku no roblox remastered codes we can introduce a large number of tricks and keys , which will make us easily win our opponents or have different effects in battle. On this page we have compiled all the tricks that exist in the game for you to enjoy.

To obtain the desired effects, simply press the Enter key in the middle of the game and enter any of the following commands and press enter again. many of them can be disabled again by re-entering the same trick.

Note: These cheats only work in campaign mode, skirmishes, and local network (LAN) custom games. They don’t work in multiplayer

  • show me the money– collect 10,000 minerals and gas, enter it multiple times for unlimited resources.
  • whats mine is mine: you get 500 of minerals, enter it more times to have infinite mineral
  • breathe deep: get 500 units of Vespene gas
  • medieval man– get all research skills.
  • modify the phase variance– free construction of everything.
  • staying alive –you can continue playing after a loss.
  • noglues: Enemies cannot use Psionic abilities.
  • operation cwal– very fast construction of units and buildings and immediate invention.
  • the gathering: infinite energy in all units, spells, spells and abilities do not waste energy.
  • something for nothing:you get all the Free Upgrades.
  • radio free zerg: hidden zerg song, sung by the Mind that dominates everything. (Only works in Brood War, while playing with zerg)
  • game over man: you lose instantly
  • there is no cow level: instant victory
  • power overwhelming– units become invincible, enemies do no damage.
  • war aint what it used to be –clear the fog of war on the map.
  • food for thought: With no resource limit, you can build units above the population limit, up to 200.
  • Black Sheep Wall– Reveal the entire map. It can be turned on and off.
  • ophelia: activate the mission change, then look at the following tricks:
    • protoss #(Replace # with the mission number), for Brood War put “x” in front of the race. Ejm: xprotoss2
    • terran #(Replace # with mission number), for Brood War put “x” in front of the race. Ejm: xterran2
    • zerg #(Replace # with the mission number), for Brood War put “x” in front of the race. Ejm: xzerg2
  • Sheep cold water:freezes all units (does not work)